Still all about people...


Our Company

Twenty one years ago, we set out to create a different kind of company; one that is focused on small cities and towns and their unique needs for Municipal Data Management, Public Works Software, Permitting Software, and GIS. We have learned so much from our client communities and understand where our success comes from: our focus on the smaller cities and towns that make our region so incredible.

Our Client Communities

Aside form our beloved City of Boston, our largest city in New England has a population less than 185,000.  Our twentieth largest city has a population less than 90,000.  Small cities and towns need all of the software services that larger cities need, but they need a product that is simpler to implement and maintain. New England has taught us how to build big tools for small places.

Our Competition

Our notable competition is focused on the largest municipalities in the country.  Most were part of the "race" to sell their software to the largest 250 cities.  But now that those larger cities have their software, these companies are trying to push their software into the smaller cities and towns and finding out it is not going to be that simple.

Small cities and towns cannot justify hiring more staff just to support software that is supposed to make them more efficient.  Small cities and towns cannot re-train every twelve months due to staff turn-over.  Small cities and towns cannot support software that takes months to learn.  They simply do not have the time or the resources to focus on software.  They have jobs to do!

Our Future

PeopleGIS is positioned right where we always planned to be:  leading the small municipal data management industry.  It is extremely gratifying to realize our focus on the smaller cities and towns is truly paying dividends.  We continue to build software our clients can use every hour of every day.  Interestingly, we are now getting calls from small cities and towns across the country seeking software they can actually use.

Thus far, PeopleGIS has been an extremely rewarding adventure. We look forward to more of the same as the success of SimpliCITY software services continues. It is a truly amazing thing to connect with your clients and work side-by-side. It is even more amazing to realize that although data management systems are built with hardware and software, in reality...

it is still all about people...