MapsOnline is SimpliCITY's online mapping system. MapsOnline provides communities with the opportunity to publish their GIS on the Internet at a low cost with no limit on the number of mapping layers.

MapsOnline communities employ more than one MapsOnline website in order to serve their staff and local residents. We enable our clients to implement multiple sites in order to provide the right functionality and mapping layers for different user groups. The result is a complete online mapping solution that is capable of more than just providing public access to a GIS....MapsOnline can serve as the core component of your entire GIS program.

MapsOnline functionality includes all of the tools you expect of online mapping:

  • Zoom & Pan Tools
  • Identify Features
  • Query Tools
  • Measure Tools
  • Area Calculation Tools
  • Map Tips
  • Printing Tools
  • Help System
  • Find Property Tools

MapsOnline enables your community to upload your assessing data 24/7/365.  You can even decide to update your assessing data for your staff’s use but “freeze” the assessing data for the public’s use until the end of the year.  This flexibility allows your GIS program to benefit from having the latest assessing information available to all departments without publicizing your data prematurely.  And, PeopleGIS can setup your MapsOnline to include all condominium records from your assessing database.

MapsOnline provides additional functionality that extends its value beyond simple public access tools, including:

  • Abutters Lists
  • Avery Mailing Labels
  • Quick-Zoom Tools
  • Advanced Query Tools
  • Multi-Media Integration
  • Virtual Tour Integration
  • Document Management

Imagine being able to compile an abutters list and print that list to Avery Labels directly.

Imagine your community’s Fire, Police, Planning & Zoning, Economic Development, Public Works, Senior Services, and Health Departments all leveraging the same GIS tools with no software or data to install!  And, imagine being able to include all of your boards and committees too.

Imagine being able to click on a map feature and read/download digital documents available for that feature (such as property deeds, subdivision plans, survey notes, tie cards, and more).

Imagine being able to link photos to map features that pop-up as you hover over them on the screen.

Imagine being able to print PDF maps on 8.5x11 or 11x17-inch paper, with a custom map title. Imagine being able to set the scale of your printed map.

Imagine being able to customize MapsOnline sites for the Public, your Assessing Department, Public Works, and Planning.

Imagine being able to integrate virtual tour photography into your MapsOnline to support economic development, public safety operations, planning, and public   meetings.

Imagine being able to deliver your GIS to every member of your staff and/or the public at a low cost, using an interface that is as easy to use as  Google Maps.

Imagine being able to offer MapsOnline as a kiosk system in your own offices, thereby extending the value proposition of MapsOnline and further promoting your GIS Program.

Imagine all of these things, and then think MapsOnline.